Business – Building a Business With the RIGHT Attitude

Life is Beautiful, don’t you think? It’s so complicatedly simple! Live in balance, not too far to the right or too far to the left, and one will prosper front and centered. It’s all about your attitude.

Wake up in the morning, and make it a good day! We have choices in life. We can ride the wave of discontent and negativity or choose to work towards attracting positive changes. These changes spill over into all avenues in life, including business. Building a business with the right attitude will attract huge changes.

Today, I watched my 11 month year old son, explore our backyard. He’s been learning how to walk now for the past two months and I’ve noticed his improvements on a daily basis. I watch in disbelief how neutral his facial expressions are as he walks, falls, crawls, and bumps his head over and over again, all day long! Only 5% of the time, he screams, cries, or creates emotion surrounding his progress (usually out of hunger, tiredness, or injury). I’m constantly astounded by his persistence, integrity, determination, skillfulness, and tolerance to explore unknown territory on a daily basis. He lives life with a contagious attitude.

One step at a time, or baby steps…just don’t mean a thing to me, as I watch his baby steps in admiration. He has been one of my wisest teachers, so far in life. How could we all maintain a state of neutrality and non-judgment when exploring new endeavors. Most adults live in such a FEAR based mentality that they never reach their full potential.

As a parent, I have taken my role seriously, as not to interfere with my son’s exploration. Nor, do I intentionally offer my FEAR based notions as the only way to problem solve life and all of it’s obstacles. I want him to grow up minimally “processed.” Sure, individuals, society, and worldly interference will naturally occur…although, instilling a non judgmental or fear free foundation will surely give him the choices to explore life in a well attuned manner.

How could adults reclaim their inner fire to explore life with gusto and integrity? It’s never too late to reveal your true potential. Reclaim your success with the right attitude to attract millions to your business!

Take those monumental baby steps in stride and neutrality, and you will learn to succeed in your life and business endeavors.

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